Spells are abilities primarily used in Tak and the Great Juju Challenge. (This is not to be confused with Juju spells that are performed in the first game)


There are certain spells that are used depending on a situation and on who the character is.

Tak's Spells

  • Grapnel: allows Tak to grapple Lok to his location. (This and Barrel Spawn are both mandatory spells that are needed in )
  • Freeze: It freezes (actually slows down) all enemies nearby.
  • Spirit: It launches spirits that attack enemies that are nearby.
  • Barrel Spawn: Allows Tak to spawn a barrel, and is very useful for speed runs. (See Grapnel for added usefulness

Lok's Spells

  • Heal: It does as it is implied and heals Lok.
  • Shield: Lok forms a shield around himself blocking any attacks, though knock back attacks will still have the effect but no damage.
  • Taunt: Lok taunts the enemies in the area (by turning and shaking his butt at them) making the enemies focus on Lok and not Tak.
  • Stink: Lok (somehow) makes himself stinky. (As if using the stinkweed)

Quotes Edit

When using a certain spell Tak or Lok either say words used in chants or the words below


  • Grapple Zapple (when using grapnel)
  • Get over here (when using grapple)
  • Icy (or "I see") cool (when using freeze)
  • Barrelus Maximus (when spawning barrel)


  • Give me Life! (when using heal)
  • Healy Mcfeely (when using heal)
  • You won't hurt me (when using shield)
  • Hey you! Over here! (when using taunt)
  • Make me stinky (when using stink)


  • Lok's cowardliness is exploited in this game because he has two "cheap" spells; a heal and a shield
  • Spells are given by these characters:
  • If Lok uses heal or shield while right next to Tak, Tak will gain the results from the spells. (he will only be shielded if standing next to Lok continuously)


  • The quote "get over here" used in the grapnel spell is an obvious reference to scorpion's (from Mortal Kombat) move where he grapples an enemy towards him.
  • Because of their spells, Tak is an attack-type character while Lok is a support and interfere-type character.

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