This article is about The Staff of Dreams, a powerful weapon. You may be looking for Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, a game.
The Staff of Dreams
Tak holding The Staff of Dreams
Power Strong
Magical Abilities Yes
First Available Never can be used

The Staff of Dreams was a very powerful weapon and plays a major role in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Tak is sent by the Dream Juju to defeat the Dream Guardian, save the princess, and take this staff. When Tak defeats the Dream Guardian, the staff falls. But, the princess reveals to be Pins & Needles, and the Dream Juju is revealed to be Tlaloc. Tlaloc admits that the real quest was to use Tak to get the Staff of Dreams and use it for his own evil deeds. But, in the struggle for the staff, Tak, Pins, and Needles split the staff into two pieces, The Dream Shaker, which Tak gets, and The Staff of Nightmares, which Pins & Needles get. Tak chases Pins & Needles down until the end of the game, to get the other half. It is not until the very end of the game that the staff's parts are united and put back together. For Tak, his half of the staff will replace his Thwark. As Tak chases down Pins & Needles, Tak defeats them, but Lok accidentally gives Tlaloc The Staff of Nightmares, which Tlaloc uses to battle Tak in a deep, dark area of the Dream World, where Tlaloc and Tak turn into Dream Guardian creatures (Tak resembles the real Dream Guardian while Tlaloc transforms into a darker more sinister version) and fight. After defeating Tlaloc, Tak puts the staff quickly back together leaving an obvious white strip in the middle where they were joined (presumably simple adhesive). The Dream Guardian reappears and Tak gives him the staff after briefly apologizing. The Dream Guardian then opens a riff for Tak to go back through. The staff is not seen again, and Tak goes back to using his Thwark.


  • The power of The Staff of Dreams is largely unknown as it was immediately broken, and then returned after being put back together. However, JB seemed to be aware of its great significance when it was mentioned.
  • There is a small continuity error towards the end of the game. While fighting Tlaloc the first time, if Tak swiches bodies with Lok, Jibolba, or Dead Juju, Tak's body is seen holding the Dream Shaker, even though he gave the staff back, and that he now uses his Thwark.
  • In the commercial for Tak2, Tlaloc is seen Holding the staff of Dreams the same way he used the Nightmare scepter to become a Dream Guardian like creature.