Stinky Juju from Guardians of Gross.

Stinky Juju is a Juju of stench, and is one of the Guardians of Gross. He is a tall, hairy, and green Juju, with a

skunk on his head. He also has an Australian accent. Tak must go to all of the Guardians to stop the Big Gs. After getting three of the four Gs, Tak goes to Stinky to stop Stinkolossus. Unlike the other Guardians, Tak wasn't supposed to play a mini-game to get Stinky Magic, but because he mentioned it, Tak must complete a mini-game. In the end, Tak wins, and after getting all Gs, he goes to bring them back. Just as he is about to put them back, Stinky returns to see it. However, Tak trips and sets them loose, again. Stinky tells Tak that he could collect slime from every G, and then burp as loud as he can, which will return them once and for all.