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Tak Moonstone Madness

The Title Screen for Tak: Moostone Madness

Tak: Moonstone Madness (also refered to as Tak and the Power of Juju: Moonstone Madness, or even just Moonstone Madness) is an 2D side-scrolling Online Game made during the Television Series Era. The game revolves around Tak riding a Boar around levels, collecting enough Moonstones to advance to the next level. The game was made by Nickelodeon.


Like most online games, there is little plot to the game. Tak has to ride a boar through 4 levels and collect the required amount of Moonstones to advance. Each level contains 100 Moonstones that may be collected. Tak can get these by jumping to get them, smashing with the boar, or using a Feather to fly high in the sky to find hidden ones. After all 4 levels are completed, you can submit your Final Score, and go back to other levels to beat your score.


The Game uses basic controls. Pressing the Up Key will make the boar jump, or slow Tak down while in the sky. The Left Arrow Key will slow the boar down, or move Tak to the left while in the sky. The Right Arrow Key will make the boar speed up, or move Tak right while in the sky. The Down Arrow Key will make the boar croutch, or speed up Tak while in the sky. Finally, the Spacebar will make the boar Headbutt destructable objects, and has no affect in the sky.

Track EditorEdit

The game has a built in Track Editor, so that you may make your own tracks to try out. You can make up to nine tracks.


  • Fast & Furry-ous
  • Jurassic Track
  • Raging Boar
  • Crazy Rider


The game uses the design of Tak from the Television Series, but the game uses the design of Tak from Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. The Boar was also exclusive to Tak 2, and the second and fourth levels are obviously the Gloomleaf Swamp, with the Gloomleaf Arena in the background. The Village is based on the original Tak game, or Television Series, and the Moonstones were exclusive to the original game, but there was only three.

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