When it premiered on E3 of 2004, Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams contained Beta Elements and changes from the actual game. Here is a rough list of known beta elements.

Beta DesignsEdit

  • In the original demo, the Mana Bar had a different design.
  • The picture of Tak next to the health bar was different.

Gameplay changesEdit

  • Originally, there was supposed to be an option to load any completed level and replay it. However, that was not included in the actual game, and levels can not be repeated.
  • A developer mentions that there were supposed to be five Spirit Animals, unlike the four that came to be. He also mentioned that depending on the player's choice, the story would be different, which did not happen.
  • Similarly, there were supposed to be five animals that could be transformed into, however, only four appeared.
  • There was also a alchemy system mentioned (collecting things), but that never appeared.
  • Some unused Dialogue for Jibolba explainss that the alchemy was going to preformed at an aclhemy shrine( similar to the shrine in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge), and the juju powers would be gained from mixing the right ingrediants( mixing the wrong ingrediants would cause Tak to barf the the ingrediants back out).


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