Tak Race

Tak and the Great Juju Challenge Race is a simple, spin-off browser game hosted by

The game's environment is Adobe Flash

It features the ability to play as any of the four tribes that competed in the Tak and the Great Juju Challenge game, but restricts each team to one of the four normally accessible cars during the proving grounds. Each of the tracks included in the game are inspired by the Tak universe but seemingly original. The game exploits ported images of Tak characters for menu screens and is otherwise very low resolution.

Racing is top down and includes the ability to collect feathers along each track in order to upgrade certain aspects of your car such as Handling, Max Speed, Acceleration etc.


The game controls using the arrow keys to accelerate and turn and the space bar to break


Curiously, the game actually includes some low resolution art from the game Tak and the Great Juju Challenge as well as other low resolution photos that can be unlocked through gameplay that do not appear anywhere in the official game (Tak and the Great Juju Challenge concept art can be seen during the credits sequence upon completion of the game). It is labeled as "concept art" in the flash game but whether it is truly concept art seems uncertain (particularly because two of the included images are ported images of Lok and Tak)

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