Rattle power ups, invincibility, activate coconut tree, and hurt tak?


Videos IGN had on their website and youtube channel had some old builds of Tak 1 with alot of differences from the final.

One really noticeable difference is in the THQ GD 2003 videos are that Tak had a higher pitched voice. There was also a scrapped Juju power that could slow down time, there was a different feather icon. The spirit rattle was different and had its own powers aside from regular juju powers. The pupanunu village had gorilla's that would fling the sheep like some other level.

In a 2002 commercial for the game Tak looked noticably different, with more detailed face-paint, a longer feather in his hair,

and he appears to be slightly smaller in appearence.

As well as this it also showed Tak mixing potions which may imply this was an early feature in-game .

The trailer also showed a strange looking monkey who would punch Tak in the face, a 2D.5 Snowboarding level and different maps for

The Burial Grounds and What appears to be the Pupanunu or Upper/Lower Tree Village.


thumb|left|318px|An E3 video from gamespot


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