Team Black Mist
Black Mist
Crug (left) and Bartog (right)
Tribe Black Mist Tribe
Members Bartog

Dark Juju

Member Positions Shaman (Crug)

Warrior (Bartog)

Former Members Two unknown competitors 60 years ago

Dark Juju

Placing 2nd
Reason Eliminated in final Proving Grounds
Past Placing 2nd
Reason Eliminated

Team Black Mist is a competing team of The Great Juju Challenge. It consisted of two members from the Black Mist. They have a long history of cheating, but despite this, they have not yet won. 60 years ago, Team Black Mist "got rid of" two of the other three teams of the Great Juju Challenge, except for Jibolba and Tlaloc of Team Pupanunu. They lost to Team Pupanunu. In the most recent challenge, Bartog and Crug formed Team Black Mist. Here they used Dark Juju to cheat, again. However, they were finally defeated in the final Proving Grounds by Team Pupanunu, consisting of Tak and Lok.



  • 60 years ago - 2nd
  • Most recent - 2nd


  • Tak: The Great Juju Challenge