Team Grammazon
Tribe Grammazon Tribe
Members Stone Crusher

Thunder Fist

Member Positions Both Warriors
Placing 4th
Reason Caught cheating (framed by Black Mist)

Team Grammazon is a competing team in The Great Juju Challenge. It consisted of two warriors from the Grammazon Tribe, Stone Crusher and Thunder Fist. Throughout the challenge, Lok has a crush on them, until he realizes that they are actually old. After the second Proving Grounds match, they finish third, with Team Black Mist being eliminated. However, Flora and Fauna happen to find Grammazon teeth in The Salt Lick of Performance Enhancement, so they are disqualified for cheating. They are not seen again, but Crug reveals that the Dark Juju planted their teeth there, so they were wrongfully eliminated.



  • Most recent challenge - 4th


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