Team Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabbas
Jib on Jab's back
Tribe Jibba Jabba Tribe
Members Jib


Member Positions Shaman (Jib)

Warrior (Jab)

Placing 3rd
Reason Eliminated in Proving Grounds

Team Jibba Jabba is a competing team of The Great Juju Challenge. It consisted of a Shaman and warrior of the Jibba Jabba tribe, Jib and Jab. However, there is one small problem, they talk entirely of hip-hop sounds that no one can understand (Lok believes he can understand them, but he actually can't). They catch on to Team Black Mist's cheating fast, as they attempt to warn Tak and Lok. Althought they cannot translate, Tak can tell by their tone that it is a warning. During the third Proving Grounds match, Team Jibba Jabba is eliminated for finishing last.



  • Most recent challenge - 3rd