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Team Pupanunu
Tak and Lok
Tribe Pupanunu Tribe
Members Tak


Member Positions Shaman Apprentice/Warrior (Tak)

Warrior (Lok)

Former Members Jibolba


Placing 1st
Reason Beat Black Mist in final Proving Grounds
Past Placing 1st
Reason Beat Black Mist

Team Pupanunu is one of the competing teams of The Great Juju Challenge. It consists of two villagers from the Pupanunu Tribe. This team has a long standing rivalry with Team Black Mist, and the last two challenges have come down to these two teams. Despite the Black Mist's cheating, Team Pupanunu has won two times in a row (if not more).



  • 60 years ago - 1st
  • Most recent - 1st


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