"Whoa, Cool!"
Lok upon receiving the Hammer.

The Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju (also refered to as The Ultimate Hammer) was a powerful weapon introduced in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. It is the only remaining sacred tool of the Handy Juju, as the others have long been lost.


Crug mentions this weapon to Tak and Lok, after being betrayed by Bartog and Dark Juju. He tells the duo to meet him at Caster's Hill, where it is hidden. Here, Crug jumps up from behind a rock, telling Tak and Lok that the Dark Juju must have moved it. He then tells them to meet him at Ambush Grove. Here Tak and Lok find Crug collapsed holding a hammer. This is the Ancient Hammer, and that he had to defeat The Seven-Headed One, an invisible seven-headed lizard, who was collapsed on Crug. After Tak and Lok lift the beast up, Crug gives the Hammer to Lok, and Crug leaves, this time for good. The hammer is very powerful and can kill enemies in one or two hits (even the bigger baddies). The weapon releases a white energy instead of the other colors of previous hammers.


  • Despite given the Hammer, you must put a Blessing Jem in Lok's fourth spot on his weapon, something that Tak does not have. The fourth slot for a Blessing Jem is visible during the game, but is not usable until viewing the cutscene and recieving the hammer.
  • The Hammer's apperance is different depending on the version of the game you playing. It's form is a normal but larger hammer with light purple color and darker carvings in the Playstation 2,Gamecube and Xbox version. The DS version's form is like a brown and gray with green accents presumably from a bug catching net whose net was replaced by a metal piece.