The Beast
Season 1
Episode 4b
Air date September 29, 2007 (US)
Directed by Heiko Drengenberg
Episode Guide
The Party (Episode)
To Zaria with Love (Episode)

The Beast is Episode 4 of Season 1 of the Tak and the Power of Juju Television Series. The episode was paired with To Zaria with Love.


Tak finds the banished Repulsive Juju in the jungle and brings him back to the tribe in the hope that he will fit in. When he ruins everything Tak and Jeera get Zaria to give him a makeover so he will be welcomed back to his part of The Juju Realm.




  • In "Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend" on November 2007, which shows the 100 greatest moments in Nicktoon history, this episode was in 49th place.

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