The Chief from "Woodiefest"

The Chief is the unnamed head chief of the Pupununu Village. He rules over the village with his two daughters,Jeera and Zaria. Their mother is never mentioned, thus remains unknown to even being alive. He is notable for his long accents on Pupununu, his crown, and his large gut. He is most notable among the villagers for being a beautiful buttar player. Although he does not rule with an iron fist, he is strict, and has a slight habit of banishing villagers (including the "Banisher"). In the Un-aired Pilot, The Chief looked completely different, if he was even the same character.

A Character presumed to be The Chief in The Unaired Pilot.

The Chief's early design from The Unaired Pilot,


Stereotypical Chief

Role in the Television SeriesEdit

In a nutshell, the Chief plays the role of the Proud, Morodic leader who's heart is in the right place.


Revealed in "Little Chief", when Chief was a baby (A very large baby, I might add!), he was raised by clams near the ocean in "A Mollusk's Paradise". With that in mind, the Chief may or may not be a blood member from the Pupununu, like Keeko. As a baby he was of course still bald and wore nothing but a diaper, which he took to using with great joy leading us to wonder how he was successfully potty trained in the first place.

When Chief was a kid, in a flashback from "The Three Chiefs", the Chief wore a log that covered his whole head. The other Chiefs, being his childhood "friends", call him "Loghead" long after he stopped wearing that log. Nothing is revealed or even mentioned on the marriage of him and his wife, or on the birth of his daughters.