The Dream Guardian is a Dream World location in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. After freeing JB, Tak is knocked out and is transported here. The Dream Guardian appears in this place inside his tower. First, Tak must evade the Dream Guardian's magic in the spiral staircase. Next, Tak and the Dream Guardian free fall and Tak must evade Dream Guardian's magic and collapsing objects. After doing that, the princess is Pins & Needles and the Dream Juju is Tlaloc. Tak, Needles, and Pins did a tug of war over the Staff of Dreams and Tak gets the Dream Shaker and Needles gets a Staff of Nightmares. Pins and Needles escape through a rift and Tak starts his half of the quest, prevent Pins and Needles from giving the Staff of Nightmares to Tlaloc. But first, Tak moves on to Moon Juju Interlude and chooses one of the four Spirit Animals of his choice and moves on to Pachyderm Shrine.

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Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams