This article is about The Great Juju Challenge, an event in-game. You may be looking for Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, a game.

The Great Juju Challenge was a challenge held every 60 years. The challenge consists of 11 levels, and 4 Proving Grounds matches, totaling 15 total challenges. The point of the challenge was that the winner would receive the favor of the Moon Juju, until the next challenge. The challenge requires strength, skill, and teamwork. Tak and Lok were entered in the most recent challenge, forming Team Pupanunu. They had the challengers of Team Black Mist, Team Grammazon, and Team Jibba Jabba. In the end, Team Grammazon was convicted of Cheating, Team Jibba Jabba was eliminated, and after three rounds, Team Pupanunu defeated Team Black Mist. 60 years ago, Jibolba and Tlaloc made up Team Pupanunu, and they were against Team Black Mist, and two other challengers. In the end 60 years ago, the two other teams disappeared with the help of the Black Mist, and Team Pupanunu was able to defeat Team Black Mist.

Challenges At The Juju RealmEdit

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60 Years AgoEdit

  • Team Pupanunu-Jibolba, Tlaloc
  • Team Black Mist-Unknown
  • Team Giant Dwarves-
  • Team Bucket Heads-

Most RecentEdit

  • Team Pupanunu-Tak, Lok
  • Team Black Mist-Bartog, Crug
  • Team Grammazon-StoneCrusher, ThunderFist
  • Team Jibba Jabba-Jib, Jab


60 Years AgoEdit

  1. Team Pupanunu
  2. Team Black Mist
  3. Other Two teams disappeared

Most RecentEdit

  1. Team Pupanunu
  2. Team Black Mist
  3. Team Jibba Jabba
  4. Team Grammazon


  • Team Black Mist is referenced to have been cheating for years, as they are believed to have gotten rid of the last two teams 60 years ago, and they were proven by Crug to have eliminated Team Grammazon, and used the Dark Juju to boost ahead, and cheat in the final Proving Grounds


Tak 3: The Great Juju ChallengeEdit