The Wanderlands, the most difficult level in Tak 2.

The Wanderlands is a location in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. After escaping Hotfoot Rift, Tak is sent here. Like Gyre Mountain and Hotfoot Springs, Tak must collect all 20 rift pieces to restore the rift. This level is completely overrun by all types of Nightmare Creatures, primarily the Shooters. This return the Punchers. To get to all the parts of this lava land by turning into all four animals. After he collect all 20 rift pieces, Tak must chase Pins and Needles inside a cave, which also needs animals to get through. After getting the rift, Tak is sent to the Rift River.


  • Recipe Cards
  • Animal Totems (All 4 Animals: Frog, Squirrel, Bear, and Boar)



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