Power Fairly Strong
Magical Abilities Throwing

Juju Powers

First Available Beginning of game
The Thwark is a weapon that Tak used during his many journeys. The Thwark is described as an antler tied to a stick. He uses it from the start of Tak 2, up until he and Needles break The Staff of Dreams, in which he gets the Dream Shaker. Despite using the Dream Shaker, Tak still kept the Thwark, as he retrieved it and started using it again for the final battle with Tlaloc, after he had restored and returned the Staff of Dreams. The Thwark is a basic weapon, but still is powerful in Tak's hands. In the beginning, the Thwark can only Throw, but Tak does gain Juju Powers as Tak advances. In Tak: Mojo Mistake, Tak starts off with the Thwark, but it can be easily upgraded.


  • In Mojo Mistake, Jibolba calls the Thwark a Thwok, but when you go to upgrade it, the screen says Thwark. Curiously, in most of the Tak games voice actors seem to refer to the weapon as a "Thwok" but most likely the "ar" is just pronounced softly.