Tlaloc's Sanctuary is a location in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Tlaloc came here after being turned into a Sheep by Tak. While Jibolba, Lok, and Dead Juju fend off Nightmare Creatures, Tak follows Tlaloc and The Staff of Nightmares to his sanctuary. First, Tak must get rid of sheeps that Tlaloc summons, and when they are knocked off the arena, lowers his shield and Tak knocks him off the arena. In the Nightmare World, Tak and Tlaloc both becomes fake Dream Guardian. After returning the Staff of Dreams to the real Dream Guardian, Tlaloc returns for the final showdown where Tak and his gang fight him. Jibolba battle his Nightmare Creatures first, Dead Juju second, Lok third, Tak fourth, and Tlaloc is dead. Almost instantly, Tak wakes up and Jibolba reveals that the entire thing was a dream. Tlaloc's black sheep can be seen heading toward the village.


First, you must knock Tlaloc's sheep off the platform, by hitting them. Then Tlaloc's shield falls, and he can be knocked off the platform. Then, Tak must combine blue magics by becoming Dream Guardians. Finally, you must switch places with Jibolba first, Dead Juju second, and Lok third while fighting the Nightmare Creatures. After this, you return as Tak, and you must kill the Nightmare Creatures and protect the trio. After the creatures are killed, you must hit Tlaloc, avoiding the edge of the platform. After doing this twice, Tlaloc appears in the middle of the sanctuary, and you must only hit him once. Landing the final hit will end the game.