To Zaria with Love
Season 1
Episode 4b
Air date September 29, 2007 (US)
Episode Guide
The Beast
Zaria's in Charge

To Zaria with Love is the second part of Episode 4 of Season 1 of the Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series). This episode is paired with The Beast.


When trying to get info on where the largest sinkhole is going to occur, Psychic Juju predicts Tak is destined to marry the next ruler of the Pupanunu Tribe which is Zaria. The Chief is thrilled because Tak can give him anything he wants. Zaria and Jeera don't like what they hear and help Tak thwart the prophecy.


Voice CastEdit




  • This episode introduced Psychic Juju, who was named Mind-Reader Juju in the games.
  • Jeera may in fact become the future ruler of the Pupununu and Tak's wife since Psychic stated that he was to marry the next ruler whom isn't Zaria.
  • The Pupununu tribe has a Sinkhole Season that ends with a incredible large sinkhole.

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