Trashthulu (Center)

Trashthulu is a Big G, a titanic beast held in the Juju Realm. He is massive, four-legged beast. As his name suggests, he is covered by trash and rocks. His head resembles that of a Ram.


When Tak breaks a large gem, he releases all four of the Big Gs. He then must see the Guardians of Gross to learn how to defeat each one. Tak first sees Debris Juju, who knows how to defeat Trashthulu, and Tak gets Lumpy Magic to defeat Trashthulu. Tak goes through a jungle path, and finally catapults onto Trashthulu. Here he uses Lumpy Magic to rearrange junk on his body to make it to the head. Once inside the head, he takes the essence, and blows out the eyes, and Trashthulu turns to stone and crumbles. After he collects all the Gs, Tak accidently trips and releases them again. After a race through the jungle, he collects slime from all Gs, and with a burp, he destroys them all.


  • When chasing and fighting Trashthulu, it is obvious he is green and grey. However, after he is re-released, hw will leave trash on the race track, but is obvious he is a dull red.
  • His name is a reference to the sea kraken monster Cthulhu.