Tree Village is a large, two-level village constructed high up in the branches of the large trees surrounding the Pupanunu Village. The villagers navigate the village by use of logs tied to ropes, bridges, and large mushrooms on the sides of trees. The village can be accessed by using a lift found in a hollowed log in the Pupanunu Village, which goes directly to the lower level. A second lift grants access to the Shaman's tree in the upper level, but can only be summoned with a special green charm.

The village's first and only appearance was in Tak and the Power of Juju, where Tak is sent to gather Magical Nubu Plants, Yorbels, the Spirit Rattle, and eventually gain access to Mountain Top with the help of a Juju.


In the first video game, Tak is first sent to the Tree Village by Jibolba to find Magical Nubu Plants to aid him in transforming Lok back into a human. When Tak arrives, he find that the village has been overrun by Nerbils, and Tlaloc had turn all the villagers into sheep. Using his abilities and know-how of the local animals and other landmarks, Tak manages to navigate the village and locate the three local Nubu plants, successfully defeating them and collecting the plant needed for Jibolba.

After accidentally, but successfully, turning the wrong sheep back into a human, Jibolba sends Tak to the village again to retrieve the Shaman's Spirit Rattle. Additionally, Jibolba hands him a green charm that he says will allow him to enter the Shaman's tree in the upper level of the village. Upon arrival, Tak runs into Tlaloc and his two voodoo minions, Pins and Needles, who threaten to fight Tak for the Rattle. Using special Juju magic found in the Shaman's tree, Tak succeeds in defeating the duo, claims the Spirit Rattle, and returns to Jibolba.

Later, Jibolba sends Tak on another mission to collect Yorbels to perform a resurrection spell on Lok, who had recently been fatally crushed by a stampede of sheep. Tak returns to both levels of the village and locates all the nearby Yorbels, eventually finding a Tiki on the upper level and summons Caged Juju for help. With the Juju's magic, Tak uses a Fire Coconut from a nearby coconut tree to blast through a nearby wooden wall, revealing a path to the blimp that takes him to Mountain Top.