Un-aired Pilot
Un-aired Pilot
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The Un-aired Pilot of the Television Series seemed to be based on the games more than what it became. The similarities to the games could stem from that the TV series was announced around the same time as Tak 3, so these ideas were originally brought in. thumb|left|300px|Pilot Episode Snippet



  • Tak has his appearance from the games and uses The Staff of Dreams instead of his magic stick.
  • Lok has his original outfit.
  • A chicken island tribesman is seen.
  • Un-named characters take the role of Jeera, Keeko, and the Chief.
    • These could have been the original designs.
    • Except for Hal Sparks, Rob Paulson, and Patrick Warburton voicing their characters from the TV show, whole different voice actors are used for the supposed Keeko, Jeera, and Chief.
    • Keeko was voiced by Tommy Davidson and Jeera was voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  • The first game's logo is used.


  • Hal Sparks still voiced Tak.
  • Patrick Warburton still voiced Lok.
  • Dead Juju is still renamed Party Juju, however his name is revealed to be Wally.
  • The clip above is only a snippet of the original Pilot (A TV Show Pilot is usually 11 minutes long.) but it seems that the formula for the show still applies: Tak tries to save the village, it backfires, so he tries to get the Jujus to help him out.
  • This episode was probably cut and scrapped early, so the episode is not complete.
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Tak, Keeko, and Jeera before their final designs.