Upper Tree Village is the higher level of Tree Village, accessible by using a special green charm to summon a lift in Lower Tree Village. The Tree Village's High Shaman has a tree hut in this part of the village; additionally, the other side of the Upper Tree Village has a blimp that takes a single passenger to Mountain Top. Its first and only appearance was in Tak and the Power of Juju, where Tak is sent to obtain the Spirit Rattle, collect some Yorbels, and locate the blimp.


In the first video game, Tak is sent to Upper Tree Village by Jibolba to retrieve the High Shaman's Spirit Rattle. When he arrives, he runs into Tlaloc and his minions, Pins and Needles. Tak finds he must fight the duo to claim the rattle. Using special Juju magic found in the Shaman's tree, Tak succeeds in defeating Tlaloc's minions and retrieving the Spirit Rattle.

Upon his return, Tak is given the mission to collect one hundred Yorbels, which are needed to resurrect Lok after being fatally crushed by a stampede of sheep. Tak accesses the village via the summoned lift in Lower Tree Village. Tak then uses his wits and abilities to navigate through the village, battling off Nerbils and passing through multiple forks and obstacles to get to the other side. It is here Tak finds a Tiki and uses it to summon Caged Juju. After nearly getting fried by the Juju's fire magic, Tak discovers that the Juju's magic hit a nearby coconut tree, turning all of its coconuts into exploding projectiles. Flora informs Tak that the Juju's magic was strong enough to affect all coconut trees in the game universe. Tak uses these new Fire Coconuts to blast through a nearby wooden wall, revealing a path to the blimp that takes him to Mountain Top.


First VisitEdit

Second VisitEdit




Tak and the Power of Juju Level Navigation
Previous Level:
Chicken Island*
Upper Tree Village

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Next Level:
Burial Grounds** (2nd visit)

Previous Level:
Lower Tree Village (2nd visit)
Next Level:
Mountain Top

* Possible to have visited Dryrock Canyon before Chicken Island
** Possible to visit Numa Dunes, Lower Tree Village, Chicken Island, or Dryrock Canyon before the Burial Grounds

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