The title screen to Tak 2, Wetstone Lake is seen in the background.

Wetstone Lake is a location in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. It is full of many waterfalls and lakes, as well as cliffs. This is the first Woody area, Woody Soldiers only. Terra Chain Chompers also stay in this area, however it can bite Tak if he is close to it. Here Tak can learn many of his skills, such as swinging on ropes and tossing Jibolba. Also, Tak recieves his first Juju powers. It is near the Pupanunu Village. After the level, Tak travels down Bedlam Falls.

Items Edit

2 Juju Potion Scrolls:

Flea Flyer Minigame Tak 2 Opening Cinematic

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Jujus Edit

Belly Juju

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Trivia Edit

  • Wetstone Lake is the first non-dream level in Tak 2.
  • The title screen and main menu have a fly-through of Wetsone Lake in the background.