The Woody Arena.

Woody Arena is a location in the Gloomleaf Swamp, where Woodies would be trained for battle. All the battles were watched on by the Woodie King. Tak was sent here after being knocked out by a group of Woodies. When Tak wakes up, he is in the holding area with Caged Juju and a box that containes Lok. Tak, Lok, and Jibolba go up the lift by the use of a key taken from Caged Juju, and end up being in the middle of the arena. Lok is taken away, leaving Tak to fight his way through. Tak escapes, using a Woody Catapult, but returns when trying to find Dead Juju's Tiki, although he is up high above the arena. Tak is able to steal the tiki from the Woodie King, but without being noticed. Tak is chased downriver, by the Woodies. A Mini-Game can be unlocked called Gloomleaf Arena in which you fight through five rounds of Woodies in the Woody Arena. This can be played at the Dinky Temple.


You will go through six rounds. The first round will have Woody Soldiers. The second round will have Woody Soldiers with Shields. The third round will have Woody Soldiers and a Woody Shaman. The fourth round will have Woody Soldiers and a Woody Warrior.The fifth round will have all types of Woodies. The sixth and final round will have Woody Soldiers and three Woody Catapult. The catapults can't be destroyed by Tak, but can be by standing by one catapult and have another catapult shoot at you, destroying the other. The round will end when there is only one catapult, which Tak will use to escape. On your second visit, there will be no enemies. All that has to be done is get from one side to another, withought falling off the small, narrow walkway.