The Woodie King was a very minor character in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. As his name insists, he is the King of Woodies. His appearance was identical to a Woody Shaman, but he had a more distincive voice, that being kind of deeper, and a little more audible, but what he spoke was just as uninteligible as regular woodie language. He presides over the fights of the Woody Arena, judging by the high balcony he stood in and the view it gave him of the arena below. The King held Dead Juju's Tiki, which had been stolen initially by a small group of Woody SoldiersTak was able to steal back without any resistance from the King himself. He shoots magic at Tak after muttering, and sends his Woodie Tribesmen in Canoes to stop Tak. After this he is not seen again.


  • If it was not for Jibolba telling Tak that this was the King, and the unique lookout over the arena the woodie was found in, then it would have been assumed this was just a normal Woodie Shaman.