A Woodie Shaman

Woody Shaman are a type of Woodies. As their name suggests, they are the Shaman. This means that they can cast spells, among other things. They are typically alone, with a group of Woodie Tribesmen or Woodie Warriors. They may also be in a group of two or more. Woodie Warriors have a large head, with feathers on both sides, and they also have a staff that they cast spells with. Unlike other Woodies, they attack Tak from a distance, by launching magic blasts at him. They can also jump in the air to teleport to a close location, if Tak gets to close. So, it is important to Throw at them to Stun them to attack. The biggest problem is that they can resurrect other defeated Woodies, and can even resurrect other Woodie Shaman. So, if there is more than one, take them out fast.