Woodie Tribesmen

A Group of Woodie Tribesmen

Woody Soldiers are the standard infantry for Woodies, and are one of the primary enemies in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. While not usually the strongest of all enemies, sheer numbers make them above a small weak enemy. They appear to speak a gibberish language and seem to live in a state of anarchy with no upper authority (Woodie King is probably just very wise). Their intelligence has proven to be great and industrious. They built the biggest worldly city in all of the Tak universe in the Gloomleaf Swamp. The city also contains various traps only equaled to the machinery of the Mummy Tombs. The Tribesmen also appear in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge in the tutorial level, Feathercrag. Their primary use is to teach Tak and Lok how to use their weapons and abilities.


Woodie Tribesmen use a variety of Equipment as follows: