A Yorbel is a magical blue and purple orb that can be gathered and use for difficult Juju magic. In comparison to Tak's size, the orbs are fairly small in diameter, but seem bigger than Juju Powers. Yorbels are only visible to those who have been granted Juju Vision. These orbs made its first and only appearance as a collectible item in Tak and the Power of Juju, when Tak gathered a hundred Yorbels to resurrect Lok.


In the first video game, Tak is sent by Jibolba to collect one hundred Magic Yorbels to perform a resurrection spell on Lok, who had recently been fatally crushed by a stampede of sheep. Jibolba informs Tak that the Spirit Rattle he recently obtained grants him the power of Juju Vision, which allows him to see the Yorbels throughout the game world. Tak at first doesn't know what a Yorbel looks like, but quickly locates one just after leaving Jibolba's hut.

Throughout much of the game, Tak adventures through every level looking for Yorbels, some harder to obtain than others. Tak occasionally calls upon a Juju for help, in which he is granted new or better access to a portion of a level. After collecting one hundred Yorbels (and retrieving Lok's Spirit from the Spirit World), Tak returns to Jibolba, who then uses the magic from the Yorbels to reunite Lok's spirit with his body.


  • Although there are only 200 Yorbels within the game itself, there are presumably thousands of Yorbels in the in-universe world. This is hinted when Jibolba mentions that when he was young, it required 10,000 Yorbels to preform a resurrection.
  • It is impossible to get all 200 Yorbels before resurrecting Lok, as many are also in the areas which contain Moonstones, which can only be accessed after resurrecting Lok and obtaining the Amulet of the Champion.
  • There is a cheat code in existence that automatically get all 200 Yorbels.
  • Collecting all 200 Yorbels unlocks concept storyboards for the first video game.
  • The Yorbels are back in Mojo Mistake as rare ingredients. Two are needed for making the Chrono staff weapon.