Princess Zaria
Gender Female
First Appearance Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series)
Parents The Chief

Unknown Mother

Sibling(s) Jeera

Zaria is the older daughter of the Chief and the older sister of Jeera in Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series). She is the next one to inherit the throne and will never let Jeera forget it, but Psychic Juju implys that she won't, so it is possible Jeera will be the next Chief. She is preppy, girly, spoiled, bossy fashionista. She constantly brags that she is the most beautiful in all the tribe, but Jeera and Tak think she's full of herself and just plain mean.


Zaria has brown hair with a blonde highlight on the right bang, large green eyes. She wears a green headband with three yellow feathers and two orange feathers, forming a crown similar to her father's. She also wears a golden necklace that holds her dress up. In some episodes, she wears yellow feathers in the back in addition to braclets with yellow feathers on them. There's two gold chains on her right arm, and a purple Zebra-print dress with a green belt with yellow-orange feathers. Clashing slightly with her outfit, Zaria wears a silver anklet with silver balls on it.


Zaria is preppy, girly, spoiled, bossy fashionista, mean and thinks she is the prettiest in the tribe (and in the world), from her face to her feet. When she has power, even for a short while, she makes the most of it by abusing it and making Jeera miserable along the way. Zaria loves to show off her expertise and "talents" to everyone. Like Lok, Zaria lives for and loves attention.

Role in the Television SeriesEdit

Zaria plays the role of the spoiled, Vally Girl Princess who dislikes her sister and her friends.



  • A frequent animation goof with Zaria is with her bracelets and neck decoration. In earlier episodes, they stick the whole time. But as the season carried on, they dissapear and reappear from one scene to another. It could be because someone involved in the production wanted to delete them from her wardrobe and make her look more simple.